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Item Quick Facts

  • Very user friendly Paint Protection Film Sealant
  • Use with regular maintenance wash
  • Adds instant gloss, slickness, and hydrophobicity to film
  • Can be used on gloss and satin films

Use & Specifications

400mL bottle with spray top. You can use Q²M PPF Maintain on a clean dry surface or as a drying aid. Spray the product in to a plush and high quality microfiber towel. Work in to the paint with a quick hand motion and wipe up any excess with a second dry towel. Do no over use, a little goes a long way and performs the necessary function. Keep out of reach of children.


Q²M PPF Maintain adds serious slickness to the surface of PPF. This slickness will aid in self cleaning and help the film reject dirt and contaminant. We want to keep the film as clean as possible, so it does not absorb contaminant over time and diminish the look of the material.