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We've tested a few different rear shock setups and the Bilstein 5125 was by far the best bang for buck and well, you probably already know why. Because Bilstein. As always their performance is once again top notch. We only suggest using these shocks if you have a lifted P3 as they are 1.8" longer fully extended, and wouldn't be suited well for a stock vehicle. 


The 5125 Series offers Bilstein technology for custom applications. The 5125 Series shocks feature a superior monotube high-gas pressure design for consistent, fade-free performance and long life for your vehicle. Bilstein's patented deflective self-adjusting valving delivers improved damping control and a smooth ride on all road surfaces at any speed.


* High-flow piston to reduce harshness
* Independent rebound and compression tuning
* Larger working piston area for exact damping
* Superior control for large-diameter tires


Fits P3 Chassis ( XC70, XC60, S60 and V60)


NOTE: This shock is intended for vehicles running a lift as the shock is 1.8" longer than factory. You will also need to drill the mounting hole to 1/2" on the top shock mount.



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