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Item Quick Facts

  • Safe decontamination of various surfaces
  • Easy application (spray on, scrub, wipe off)
  • Concentrated formula

Use & Specifications

1000 mL bottle. Powerful cleaner for all exterior and interior surfaces. Removes all types of dirt. Dilute Q2M APC suitable for the application, starting from 1:5 for external applications up to 1:15 for interior cleaning. Spray directly on the surface and agitate with a brush. Rinse or wipe with a microfiber towel. Do not use on hot paint or in direct sunlight. Do not let dry on paintwork or trim. Keep out of reach of children.


The Gyeon APC is a powerful and versatile cleaner safe for so many automotive surfaces you will find yourself using this item over and over again. Instead of having many different cleaners around this one bottle can solve so many problems detailers face. This formula is concentrated and can be used on wheels, engine bays, carpets, trim, interior stain removal, and many others. Dilute 1:5 for external applications and up to 1:15 for interior cleaning. In extreme cases, like dirty wheels or engine bays, it can be used at a 1:1 dilution, but do a quick spot check for safety first. To apply it just spray the desired area or onto a microfiber cloth and wipe away or use a scrub brush if needed, the application is that easy! It is safe for use on rubber, plastics, fabric, and more. Gyeon APC is a clear winner and a product you should keep on hand at all times!