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Item Quick Facts

  • Removes heavy imperfections safely and easily
  • Easy to use low dusting formula
  • Water based and does not contain any fillers
  • Follow up with the GYEON Polish for best results

Use & Specifications

120 mL bottle. Work with a polishing machine of your choice. Spread at low revs. Work until fully diminished at medium revs. Wipe off with a HQ microfiber. Use a 1:1 dilution of IPA to remove the remaining product and inspect the effect. If needed, reuse. Keep out of reach of children.


Gyeon Compound will allow you to remove heavy imperfections safely and easily. You'll be amazed at the low dust produced during use and you will also love the glossy finish left behind! Since this is a compound, you will most likely still be left with some very light haze that needs to be removed with a lighter polish and pad combo. This compound is water based, contains high end abrasives, and does not include any silicone or fillers.