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Item Quick Facts

  • Car shampoo that produces thick layer of foam when used with a Foam Lance or Foam Cannon
  • Encapsulates contamination for safe removal from the paint
  • Dilute 1:15 for a great value in every bottle
  • Excellent shampoo for all vehicles

Use & Specifications

Effective pH-neutral pre-wash. Bodyshop safe. Does not strip waxes or affect coatings. Easiest way to safely wash a coated car. Does not leave any spots or smudges. PH NEUTRAL WHEN DILUTED 1:5. Dilute the product 1:5 and use only with a foam-lancer. Apply a thick layer of the foam onto all panels of the car and leave it for 5 min. Rinse with a high pressure washer. Do not let it dry. Rinse all seals and exterior trim. Do not use the product in hot or sunny conditions. Keep out of reach of children. Work in a well ventilated area.


Gyeon Foam is a high foaming car wash shampoo that will help you clean your vehicle thoroughly! Dirt, grime, tar and other heavy contamination buildup is inevitable unless you park your car in a garage and never take it out for a spin. This contamination can be a pain to remove, but with a good pre-washing you can break this contamination down, allowing for easy and safe removal. During application, you will find that this shampoo builds up a very thick foam, that sticks to every surface on the exterior of your vehicle. The key word is "sticks" and this shampoo does just that. It is so thick that it sticks to the surface, covering dirty areas of the paint and dissolving any dirt and grime it comes into contact with. This allows you to rinse off the foam before it dries, removing a great deal of contamination in the process. When you go over your paint with more shampoo and a wash mitt, less contamination will be on the surface, greatly reducing the risk of adding imperfections to the paint.  If you want to apply a thick layer of foam to your paint, grab yourself a bottle of Gyeon Foam today!