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Item Quick Facts

  • Clean and sanitize your interior surfaces
  • Can be used on plastic, vinyl, glass, leather, and more
  • Easy spray-on, wipe-off application

Use & Specifications

500 mL bottle. Spray on desired surface, wipe off with a clean towel.


Gyeon Interior Detailer helps you clean and sanitize various interior surfaces with ease! Most people are in and out of their vehicles multiple times a day, so it is easy to see how these areas can quickly become so dirty. With Gyeon Interior Cleaner, you can grab one product and clean many different areas including your plastic, textiles, glass, trim, leather, and even Alcantara. Interior Detailer is made of a 60% alcohol-based formula that is uniquely formulated to remove the majority of organic contaminants from any surface. It's the ideal product to maintain your interior and keep it purified for you and your passengers. Simply spray and wipe away with a clean microfiber towel. Once finished, you will be left behind with a clean, matte finish for everyone to enjoy. Stop leaving dirt, dust, and debris on your interior surfaces, reach for the Gyeon Interior Detailer, and clean them up today!