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Item Quick Facts

  • Safely clean your leather or vinyl surfaces!
  • Helps prep leather for coating applications
  • Does not contain any softening or preserving additives

Use & Specifications

Spray onto panel or towel. For added cleaning power, Gyeon recommends using your favorite leather detailing brush as well. Wipe clean with a clean towel. This high-quality formula also helps prep your leather if you want to apply a leather coating like GYEON Leather Coat afterward.


The Gyeon Leather Cleaner Mild allows you to gently remove light contamination from your leather surfaces. Dirt, grime and light oily residue is no match for this unique formula. Leather Cleaner Mild does not contain any softening or preserving additives and is safe on all modern types of leather. There are two cleaning options, strong and mild. Strong works best on heavily soiled leather surfaces, while mild is gentler and designed for maintenance cleanings. If you are looking to lightly clean or maintain your leather seats the Gyeon Leather Cleaner Mild should be your choice!