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Item Quick Facts

  • Advanced fluoro modified polysilazane formula
  • Intense beading and repellency
  • Smooth & slick single layer application

Use & Specifications

Q² MOHS EVO is a dream to work with. Due to the sophisticated chemistry the application is silky smooth. The removal process is just as simple. Apply one thick layer and wipe off immediately.

Box Contains:

  • 30mL Q² MOHS EVO
  • Q²M Coating Applicator
  • Instruction Manual
  • Mini Maintenance Booklet
  • Door Sticker
  • #GYEONIZED Sticker

CONSUMPTION: 15-25ml/car PH TOLERANCE: 2-11 DURABILITY: up to 36 MONTHS / 40KKM for 1 layer & 48 MONTHS / 50KKM for 2 layers


The legend reborn. The all-new Q2 MOHS EVO coating is a true advancement in ceramic coating technology. By using fluorine to modify the polysilazane base chemistry, GYEON is able to deliver a single layer coating that outperforms everything on the market. High gloss. Incredible durability. Intense water behavior and repellency. Real chemical resistance. Exactly what we want a high-level paint coating to do. Pair that with a silky smooth application and easy removal, we have a polysilazane ceramic coating that checks all the boxes.