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Item Quick Facts

  • Incredibly easy to apply coating
  • Evo technology improves durability and application
  • Insane gloss and hydrophobic properties

Use & Specifications

Apply the product in a cross hatched pattern and in small sections - maximum shoulder width. Wipe off immediately with either the Q²M SoftWipe or Q²M PolishWipe. Q² ONE EVO builds a thick layer of coating, so you will need an absorbent towel. The choice of towels for coating is extremely important. Do not stick to just one type - depending on paint and climate.

Box Contains:

  • 30mL Q² One EVO
  • Q²M Coating Applicator
  • Instruction Manual
  • Mini Maintenance Booklet
  • Door Sticker
  • #GYEONIZED Sticker

CONSUMPTION: 25-30ml/car PH TOLERANCE: 2-11 DURABILITY: up to 24 months / 25kkm


Q² ONE EVO delivers an easy single-layer installation, candy gloss, and long-term protection at a great price. If this is your first ceramic coating application, Q² ONE EVO is the perfect ceramic coating for you. It is specifically designed for the new DIY enthusiast with its ease of use and impressive performance. With 24+ months of durability, this coating is hard to beat.