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Item Quick Facts

  • Easily enhance and protect plastic trim.
  • Can be used on all plastic and rubber surfaces.
  • Restores faded trim.
  • Easy and efficient application.

Use & Specifications

250 mL bottle. On interior trim, use a very small amount of product and rub it into the surface with the Q²M MF Applicator. Wipe after 5 minutes since application for a fully matte finish. You can also dilute up to 1:5 and use as a spray on dressing for engine bays or wheels wells.

Consumption: 50mL per car. pH neutral. Durability of up to 3 months.


Restore and protect plastic trim at the same time. Q²M Preserve is a wonderfully simple to use water based dressing for all plastic, trim, and rubber. It will bring back the healthy sheen to faded plastic and protect the trim from UV damage. It is not greasy or shiny, leaving a very natural satin look.