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Item Quick Facts

  • Powerful fabric cleaner.
  • Removes dirt, stains, and odors effectively.
  • Safe on all fabric types.

Use & Specifications

1000mL bottle with spray top. Spray liberally on the surface. Agitate with Q²M LeatherBrush in circular motion. Wipe the residue with Q²M BaldWipe. Repeat if necessary. In case of light contamination, spray on a microfiber and wipe. On heavy dirt agitate Q²M Fabric Cleaner with a brush and remove with an extraction vacuum cleaner.


Q²M Fabric Cleaner is powerful solution to clean fabric upholstery. Its formula has been designed to remove dirt, stains and odor effectively and safely on all types of fabrics. It will leave the interior fresh, clean and ready for protection with Q² FabricCoat.