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Item Quick Facts

  • SiO2 formula keeps fabrics protected from everyday dirt and grime
  • Makes maintaining interior fabrics significantly easier when protected
  • Apply to carpets, mats, upholstery, fabric seats, convertible tops, etc.

Use & Specifications

400mL bottle with spray top.

Apply Q² FabricCoat only on a clean and completely dry surface. Mask the elements around to avoid overspray. Always wipe the product with a Q²M LeatherBrush to create an even finish. Do not overspray. 2 regular layers are far better than one very thick application. The product requires a speedy drying time, so take care not to slow it down by applying too much product on the surface at once.

CONSUMPTION: 80ml/1sqm PH TOLERANCE: 2-11 DURABILITY: up to 6 months


Q² FabricCoat creates a strong invisible textile coating, which protects fabrics not only against dirt and liquids, but also against harmful UV rays which can fade them during extended exposure to sunlight. With good coverage and excellent protection for up to 6 months, Q² FabricCoat offers a high-technology solution for your fabric and textiles.

For use on most woven fabrics and textiles, Q² FabricCoat helps keep these surfaces cleaner for longer and also makes them much easier to clean, whether inside or outside your car. This textile coating is superhydrophobic, ‘throwing’ water and liquids off fabric and textiles - even for fabric convertible roofs a high-pressure rinse once a month can be enough to keep the fabric clean and looking great.