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Item Quick Facts

  • Dedicated SIO2 wheel coating.
  • Safe on all wheel finishes.
  • Protects from brake dust and road grime.
  • Makes cleaning intricate wheel designs a breeze.

Use & Specifications

Box contains 30mL bottle with dropper, manual, applicator, and 4 suede cloths. Q2 RIM can be applied to any wheel finish including painted, chrome, and satin. Split the wheel in to quadrants and work one section at a time. Apply a thick layer of Q2RIM and remove excess material immediately. To extend performance, the coating can be layered. Allow one hours’ time in between layers. Once coating, maintain the wheels with Q2 M Iron WheelCleaner to keep them healthy.

Temperature resistance: 1400'F. pH tolerance: 2-11. One set of wheels consumes around 15mL. Manufacturer suggested durability of >12 months or 30k km.


A high quality ceramic coating designed specifically for your wheels. Q2 RIM uses a thick but easy to apply SiO2 based chemistry to protect the finish of your wheels from road grime, salt, brake dust, and high temperatures to keep them looking new and easy to clean.