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Item Quick Facts

  • Safely and easily removes standing water from your paintwork!
  • Unique synthetic fibers soak up water with ease
  • Removes water without scratching or smudging the surface

Use & Specifications

The Silk Dryer comes in two great sizes and can be used on cars with no protection or those protected with waxes, sealants or coating. Apply even pressure to a clean, wet vehicle to dry. Wash after use.


The Gyeon Silk Dryer will help you safely remove standing water from your paint in only a few wipes. The secret to this innovative detailing towel is in the unique synthetic fibers. These fibers absorb a great deal of water with ease, allowing you to remove it from the paint without implementing micro-scratches and smudges. Even if you have very soft paint, this towel is safe to use and you will be impressed with the results. Gyeon also states that these towels are great for not only drying, but also the final wipe downs with Cure. If you are looking for a versatile drying towel to add to your Gyeon product collection, the Silk Dryer is highly recommended!

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