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Item Quick Facts

  • Safely remove stubborn tar quickly
  • pH neutral and safe on virtually all exterior surfaces
  • Easy application, just spray and rinse

Use & Specifications

Spray onto surface. This high end formula will target and dissolve hard to remove tar.  Tar is pH neutral and safe on most surfaces including paint, glass, most rims, and trim, leaving it smooth and ready for the next step in the detailing process. If you have any extra stubborn tar build ups, Gyeon recommends a second application and/or agitating the tar with a wash mitt or a clay bar. Once finished, rinse and wash the panel Tar was used on thoroughly to reveal a squeaky clean shine!


Gyeon Tar is a gentle, yet strong tar remover. Tar and other contamination is a real problem for almost any vehicle. With all of the road grime, dirt, etc. that comes into contact with the exterior of your vehicle when driving, it is no wonder that a simple shampoo can not always do the job. When you have tar and other embedded contamination, a stronger formula is needed. This is where Gyeon Tar comes into play! When you are looking to remove stubborn tar, grab a bottle of Gyeon Tar to get the job done!