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Item Quick Facts

  • Restore and protect your tires!
  • SIO2 tire coating protects for months, not weeks
  • Helps restore a deep matte finish
  • Extremely hydrophobic!
  • Keeps tires cleaner and for longer

Use & Specifications

400 mL bottle. Use a tire shine applicator or clean towel to apply evenly to tires. Gyeon Tire, is a SIO2 coating that leaves behind a great deal of protection and gloss, along with restoring your tire back to its natural deep matte luster.


Gyeon Tire will restore and protect your tires with one easy to use formula. After you polish your paint and protect it with a coating, the deep, glossy, clarity of the paint is really a thing of beauty. Gyeon Tire is a coating through and through. It lasts months, not weeks like other dressings and has the ability to repel water from the surface of the rubber. This is incredibly valuable as tires are the only part of the vehicle touching the ground, meaning that they are coming into contact with dirt, grime, UV rays, and other tough contamination. When you wash your tires, you will find that most contamination will roll off the surface, saving you valuable detailing time and effort. What are you left with you ask, just think of a deep, dark, matte looking tire with a durable layer of protection to boot.