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Item Quick Facts

  • Easily remove water spots and mineral deposits
  • Thick formula allows for long work time
  • Works great on paint and your glass

Use & Specifications

Apply WaterSpot onto the desired surface and wipe away with a clean microfiber towel. If you still have water spots, Gyeon does recommend reapplying a few times for best results and more vigorous wiping. Gyeon does share a warning: "WaterSpot might affect the hydrophobic layer of a coating. It's dangerous to leave the product on the paint and especially on glass for a long time." With that advice, we always recommend applying this product in the shade and once finished washing the area with a car wash shampoo like the Gyeon Bathe or Bathe+.


Gyeon WaterSpot helps break down and remove mineral deposits left behind by water spots. Unfortunately, water spots can etch into the surface of your paint and glass, and once there, they can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming to remove. The thick formula allows you to use very little product when applying. It does not diminish or dry quickly, so the area can be wiped multiple times, helping you remove water spots with less product. If you have any coatings already applied, WaterSpot can help you remove water spots in the paint without having to polish or reapply your coating. Don't let ugly water spots take away from the overall luster of your vehicle, use Gyeon WaterSpot to take care of them.